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Our Vision

This web site is a humble attempt to increase the awareness of youth on Ramanuja tradition of SriVaishnavism and the contribution of Aazhwaars and Poorvacharyas in the propogation of this great philosophy as given to us by Sri Manavala Mamunigal and for propagating the traditional srivaishnava sampradayam especially for the Telugu speaking members interested and attracted to Srivashnavism.


The major works and purvacharya SriSukthis are mostly in Tamil and sanskrit. There are a few staunch Srivaishnava families who were originally from Thuppul of Kanchipuram, the famous birth place of Sri Vedanta Desikar. More than two centuries ago these families were asked by the great VAnamAmalai mutt direct establishment by great MaNavaLa MAmunikaL to go to Andhra coastal area for the propagation of Srivaishnava Sampradayam as preceptors for the various Kings and Jamindars etc. Till today, these families are following the traditions and continue to serve.

However the present generation has lost the touch with Tamil langauage and are unable to enjoy the great legacy and the philosophy of our Azhwars and Acharyas. This is an attempt to rekindle the interest and provide the generation with the various inputs on our Sampradayam. It is requested that all to visit the web site and offer the suggestions for improving.


                                                                                                                     SriBhashyam Srinivasacharyulu


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